My desire from the depths of my soul, is to help 100,000 people pursue the dreams and vision they have within them. – Frank Hopkins Jr

The Wise Young Man or Wage Earner Of Today Invests His Money In Real Estate

Young men and women who are wage earners are often told to open a savings account and save a percentage of their earnings every month. While this is a starter investment, it, unfortunately, doesn’t earn much interest these days. Some banks only offer 1% interest or...
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A Realtor Is Not A Salesperson, They’re A Match Maker

Realtors introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one. Then they’re a wedding planner. Are you searching for a new home? Buyers would like to think that it’s easy to find a new home that they like, but it’s more difficult than you think. This is when an...
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Landlords Grow Rich in Their Sleep

Can you imagine earning money while you sleep? This is often difficult for most people to even dream about, but it’s a real opportunity. Most people work hard at their jobs and focus on climbing the corporate ladder to achieve their career goals. While there’s nothing...
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Strategy for Achieving Business Goals in 2018

Many small business owners with traditional endeavors are stereotyped as below-average planners and strategists. With more straightforward business models, some say, comes room for complacency and much less innovation. I know of many people who defy this judgment, but...
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What Stopped You From Achieving Your Business Goals in 2017?

I find that learning from others’ mistakes is one of the best ways to make progress. Of course, nothing beats personal experience, but when it comes to mistakes, you simply don’t want to make them all! So, to reap the rewards of others’ errors, I spend a lot of time...
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When you sell it, walk away and don’t look back

In 2007 I was working in a family business with my father, my uncle and my brother in law. We had talked about selling the company and moving in a different direction in life. We had all been around the business for decades working 24/7 and almost 365 days a year. We...
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My desire from the depths of my
soul is to help 100,000 people
pursue the dreams and vision
they have within them.

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